Senda Candy GramA personalized candy delivery service

Senda Candy Gram - A personalized candy delivery service Senda Candy Gram

Don't see the candy you want? Select 'other' and type in your request, we will always do our best to accommodate a CandyGrammer.


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MESSAGE IDEAS with suggested candy attachment
"It’s Pay Day!" - Pay Day
"Sorry your day Sucks!" - Suckers – tootsie pops
"You Suck!" - Blow pop
"Life Giving You Lemons?" - Lemon heads
"Hire Me!" - Salary negotiable. 100 Grand
"Oh Baby!" - Baby Ruth
"There are plenty of fish in the sea" - Swedish Fish
"Will you marry me?" - Ring Pop

JUST FOR FUN MESSAGE IDEAS with slogans are great too
"Gimme a break" - Kit Kat
"Taste The Rainbow" - Skittles
"You’re playing like Betty White out there!" - Snickers

Don't forget to be clever! (limit: 150 characters)
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*Friendly reminder: We hand deliver on Fridays. Orders placed by Thursday at noon will be delivered this Friday. If you need delivery other than Friday please send a Special Request.

We will happily ship your chocolate but keep in mind it might melt or become damaged in the process of shipping. Despite our best efforts, we can not guarantee that your candy will arrive in perfect condition. All candy that leaves our offices is in perfect condition when shipped.