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Send a candy gram for Valentine's Day

Send a Candy Gram for Valentine's

When a smile isn't enough and flowers are too much...send a candy gram!

Everyone should get a Valentine's gift on Valentine's Day!
Not just the lovers, but friends, co-workers, siblings, parents, spouses and kids! We keep it simple…a sweet gesture, an affordable price ($10), a smile on someone’s face.
Send a candy gram now!

Need an idea for a Valentine's gift?
Send a Candy Gram to a friend or loved one for Valentine's Day! Include the word VALENTINE in your message for Valentine's Day delivery & special packaging.
(2/14 deliveries guaranteed for San Diego area only. Order by 2/8 for postal delivery, available in United States only)
Send a candy gram now!

Need an idea for Valentine's Day message?
Send a candy gram with your own message or use one of these cleverly crafted messages:

“To my Sugar Baby.” (candy: Sugar Babies)
“There are plenty of fish in the sea.” (candy: Swedish Fish)
“You’re one Hot Tamale!” (candy: Hot Tamales)
“Valentine’s Day Sucks!” (candy: Tootsie Pops)


Send a Candy Gram to Friend, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Co-worker, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife


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